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Assassination (1987)

Assassination is a movie starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, and Stephen Elliott. A presidential bodyguard is assigned to protect an objecting first lady, as repeated attempts are made on her life.

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The Synopsis for Assassination (1987) 720p

Jay Killian (Charles Bronson) had been the presidential bodyguard, but for the inauguration of the recently elected president, he is assigned to the first lady, Lara Royce (Jill Ireland). Lara, a perpetually indignant, arrogantly feministic lady, initially hates the methodical and rules-following Killian, and so she does all she can to avoid him and disregard his safety procedures. The story complicates, however, when repeated attempts are made on Lara's life. Eventually, the shaken Lara decides to trust Killian's instincts and precautionary methods, and the pair embark on a difficult and often perilous cross-country journey, with the assassins close on their heels.

The Director and Players for Assassination (1987) 720p

[Director]Peter R. Hunt
[Role:]Jan Gan Boyd
[Role:]Stephen Elliott
[Role:]Jill Ireland
[Role:]Charles Bronson

The Reviews for Assassination (1987) 720p

Definitely not a highlight in Bronson's careerReviewed bysveknuVote: 1/10

Charles Bronson has given the viewers lots of great moments on the screen. But this movie lacks everything that a thriller/action-movie should have. There are a few action scenes in the movie, but they're really crappy. And when the action scenes fail, does the story save the film? Not at all, is my answer to that. The story is even worse than the action scenes. It's very straightforward and boring, and even though I'm a big movie fan, I almost fell asleep several times. I don't know how they came up with a failure like this. A low budget, maybe? Regardless of that, it looked like all the actors had no interest in being in the movie at all. When that happens, the result is really bad.

Threat close to homeReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 3/10

The real life husband and wife acting team of Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland don't go out on a real good note in Assassination. According to this Charles Howerton succeeded Ronald Reagan as president and Jill Ireland rather than Barbara Bush became First Lady. I think we can assume that Howerton is a Democrat as Ireland is quite militantly feminist, Hillary Clinton four years earlier. But Hillary wouldn't behave as stupidly as Ireland does. As Bronson was wont to remark he was missing Nancy Reagan.

For the first time in our history someone is trying to kill the First Lady. The threat is also quite close to home. I can say this, Howerton is by no means Bill Clinton if Ireland is supposed to be Hillary.

Assassination bears some resemblance to the later film My Fellow Americans when attempts are made to kill two former presidents and they are forced to fend for themselves. But Jack Lemmon and James Garner were playing it for laughs and Bronson and Ireland are not.

Bronson and Ireland made some good films, but they close out their partnership with a stinker.

Playing babysitter.Reviewed bymylimboVote: 6/10

I was a little disappointed after re-watching 'Assassination'. It was a good piece, but it wasn't the non-stop action pack feature that I remembered. A bad thing? not really. Typical Bronson venture done through Cannon productions? Yes and no. However it's a typical story (even though quite ludicrous at times), but it felt rather low-scale (think of Bronson's 'Messenger of Death' the following year) with its thriller elements and explosively sparse action. Surprisingly when the action did kick into gear, the stunt work and positioning was impressive, but where the film's drive came from was the budding rapport between Charles Bronson (whose appealingly laid-back) and Jill Ireland (diving right into the role with convincing aplomb). Outside of those two I found the rest of the performances sub-standard.

The plot is a tautly twisty (but far-fetched) cross-country political thriller that has veteran Secret Agent Jay Killian assigned to protect the demandingly stuck-up first lady, where he uncovers a devious plot involving assassins out to her kill her. It's a complex web, but the material seems to breeze through rather concentrating on the combination of the two main characters and their growing respect for each other. It can be dramatically soapy, but never does it feel as if it's really taking itself seriously due to some forced humour coming from the script. This doesn't stall it at all. Director Peter Hunt (who also directed Bronson with Lee Marvin in the 1981 rugged survival thriller 'Death Hunt') does a conventionally efficient job, even with some sequences coming across as if made for a TV show. When it came to the vigorously pumped-up activity, Hunt was at the top his game accommodating a no-bull approach and the productively scope-like cinematography passes through the top-notch scenic locations with verve-like ease.

Earnestly slick filler.

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