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Berserk (1967) 1080p

Berserk is a movie starring Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin, and Diana Dors. A scheming circus owner finds her authority challenged when the show is targeted by a vicious killer.

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  • Genre: Horror | Mystery
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  • Run Time: 96
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The Synopsis for Berserk (1967) 1080p

Monica Rivers is the owner and ringmaster of a traveling circus, and she'll stop at nothing to draw bigger audiences. When a series of mysterious murders begins to occur and some of her performers die gruesomely, her profits soar. She hires high-wire walker Frank Hawkins, impressed by the handsome and muscular young man. They begin an affair which arouses her previous lover Durando's jealousy. When Durando is found dead shortly afterward, the other performers begin to take alarm, as a mysterious killer is obviously loose in their midst. Many suspect Monica herself of the killings, especially Matilda, who has set her sights on Monica's new lover. At this point, Monica's unruly, sixteen-year-old daughter Angela is expelled from school for being incorrigible, and Monica is forced to take her into the circus, allowing her to become the partner of knife-thrower Gustavo. Meanwhile, the dead bodies continue to pile up...

The Director and Players for Berserk (1967) 1080p

[Director]Jim O'Connolly
[Role:]Joan Crawford
[Role:]Diana Dors
[Role:]Ty Hardin
[Role:]Michael Gough

The Reviews for Berserk (1967) 1080p

A "could have been" camp classic with the great late Joan Crawford showing off her legs.Reviewed byrafabedranVote: 5/10

Berserk! was one of the last Joan Crawford pictures, at the 60s she was on a roll with grand guinol type of rolls which began with Baby Jane in 62. This British production never quite reaches its potential, but it's worth seeing for Crawford being bitchy and wearing some great and inappropriate outfits while pretending to be 20 years younger.

One scene I loved was when one of the acts in the circus, a blond voluptuous girl, says to the crew while they make a fuss about the murders: "we'll never get anywhere arguing like this", than Joan comes in all of sudden: "you'll never get anywhere. period. you slut!". In another one Joan says wistfully to the detective "we've eaten caviar and we've eaten sawdust" with a straight face as if she was in an Oscar caliber movie. No matter what she did she sure gave her all.

Berserk could've been a camp classic, unfortunately, it's very badly paced and it fills a lot of space with unnecessary circus footage instead of developing the story or creating more interesting situations. The murderers are somewhat amusing if lacking in gore, but considering it's a circus horror movie starring Crawford the possibilities were endless and they didn't seem to really invest in a more engaging plot and conclusion. Not as bad as the stale Trog but not as deliriously campy as Straightjacket.

"Joan, dear, maybe it's time for a TV series,"Reviewed byPutzbergerVote: 1/10

. . . Joan Crawford's agent (no doubt a very brave man) should have told her. "Maybe a dramatic anthology, we could get you a recurring role on 'Peyton Place,' hell, I'll have Tennesse Williams write you a play and you'll finally be on Broadway. But please, don't do 'Berserk.' I know you're a Christian Scientist but all the prayer in the world won't heal your career if you make this bomb." However, Joan was a strong-willed lady (to put it mildly) and so she went, well, "Berserk." This might be the worst idea, ever, for a motion picture. It's a cheapie that intersperses scenes of circus acts with a grisly serial-killer mystery. Which means it's supposed to appeal to small children and teenaged horror fans -- two audience segments which should not, repeat, not be in the same theater. Perhaps knowing what kind of turkey they were stuffing, the screenwriters didn't worry too much about continuity. "Berserk" may set a cinematic record for unresolved plot points. What happened to Joan's husband? Why did the trapeze artist kill a man in Toronto? Why is the cockney midget stalking Joan? Maybe the filmmakers intended to tie all these loose threads together but apparently they got so sick of making this movie that they concocted a ridiculous deux ex machina for an ending and called it a wrap. ("Nice working with you, Miss Crawford." "I wish -- hic! -- I could say the -- hic! -- same.")

The plot, such as it is, centers around Joan as the owner of a traveling circus in Britain. Is Joan supposed to be English? The movie never bothers to explain her accent, but her ungrateful blonde daughter (shades of things to come!) is played by the very British Judy Geeson. Joan's performers and business associates start dying mysteriously, but she isn't too upset by it, since the bad publicity is good for business and her legs still look good in her Mistress of Ceremonies costume. Her romantic interest is "portrayed" by Ty Hardin, who's half her age and half as animated. Hardin would go on to join the Aryan Nation in the 1970s, perhaps blaming "the Jews who run Hollywood" for his film non-career. He should blame his mediocre looks and lack of talent instead. The circus acts are mildly entertaining, the foppish detective investigating the murders is moderately amusing, but the horror is, for the most part, pretty lame -- the producers apparently didn't budget for much blood so only one or the murders is even remotely gory. Watch at your own risk.

Too bad every circus isn't like thisReviewed byricky_says_hiVote: 7/10

Now most people say this is a ridiculous and pretentious piece of clap-trap but they're wrong. This is considerably better than most crappy '80s period movies i've seen. Joan Crawford plays Monica Rivers, a sexy owner of The Great Rivers Circus who wastes no time in taking advantage of the publicity brought in by a string of murders - two of which happen during a performance - and falls under suspicion, all thanks to the loud-mouth Matilda (Diana Dors). She seems to fall apart with each tragedy and soon everyone - including her daughter (Judy Geeson), the cool-dude tightrope walker (Ty Harding) and the pompous manager (Michael Gough) - wonders if she's gone 'BERSERK'. Despite a few airy-fairy conversations and ludicrous puns, BERSERK is definitely a cult classic and should be seen if you've never been to a circus. It makes good use of suspense and you don't know who is getting it next.

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