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Deadbeat at Dawn (1988)

Deadbeat at Dawn is a movie starring Paul Harper, Jim Van Bebber, and Megan Murphy. After one too many encounters with The Spiders (a rival gang), The Ravens' leader's girlfriend tells him to quit the gang or it's Splitsville. He...

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  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 80
  • IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 9 / 28

The Synopsis for Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) 720p

After one too many encounters with The Spiders (a rival gang), The Ravens' leader's girlfriend tells him to quit the gang or it's Splitsville. He does so, but the leader of The Spiders is hellbent on revenge and arranges the murder of the girlfriend. That ticks off the boyfriend, who wreaks havoc with the two gangs, who have joined forces in order to pull off a security truck heist.

The Director and Players for Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) 720p

[Director]Jim Van Bebber
[Director]Jim Van Bebber
[Role:]Ric Walker
[Role:]Megan Murphy
[Role:]Paul Harper

The Reviews for Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) 720p

Deadbeat at Dawn, Noon and Dusk.Reviewed byElijahCSkuggsVote: 7/10

I wasn't really looking for this movie in the terms of it being a really good independent film. I was looking at a pal's list of movies and I noticed the word "Deadbeat". I don't know what it is but the word Deadbeat just works. So, I told him to make me a copy. He then tells me that it's a pretty sweet independent film with some serious violence. Wahoo!

Deadbeat At Dawn is a very gritty picture that tells the tale of Goose and his story of vengeance on his ex-rival gang the Spiders. I could go deeper into the story-line of why he's seeking revenge but that's kinda ruining the story for you.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one. At first I was kinda wary, but with the over-the-top acting and violence, I was easily swayed into enjoying it. The film more than anything is very gritty. Filthy feeling. And actually kind of feels like the movie Street Trash in this way. Going back to the acting, I was happy with how most of the characters were portrayed, and you should be too if you're even slightly into exploitation movies of the 70s and 80s. Oh, it was also pretty funny too.

Deadbeat At Dawn was a pretty entertaining flick that delivered the goods in terms of a rough and tough gang flick mixed with 80s charm - our lead character is ace with ninja stars and nunchuks. Tie in an awesomely violent ending, you've got yourself 80 minutes of pure exploitation goodness.

If You Wanna See What Can Be Done with no DoughReviewed byjew_59Vote: 4/10

Deadbeat at Dawn is an excellent example of what you can do with a little ambition and special effects makeup. In this "drive-in" style gang flick, mindless violence and cheesy gore abounds. The only thing missing was the gratuitous sex, there was a topless stripper, but that's not enough to make it a classic of the genre.

The acting was interesting, not Srassberg, but in accordance with the genre, it's what you want. Obviously Van Bebber had little money, but what little he had was pretty well spent when it came to the action sequences and the gore makeup. The action, in fact, was very entertaining. The script was little more than a means to string the action sequences together so mission accomplished!

If you like the "Video Threat" type of flick, then this one is for you.

An entertaining, low budget, 80s cult exploitation flick.Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 7/10

Goose (Jim Van Bebber), leader of tough Ohio street gang The Ravens, has only just renounced his violent lifestyle when his girlfriend Christy is brutally killed by members of rival gang The Spiders. Goose vows to avenge her murder, but finds himself caught in a self-destructive spiral of hatred and despair that leads him to attempt suicide. However, just as he is about to blow his brains out, Goose is confronted by Keith (Ric Walker), the current leader of The Ravens, who wishes to recruit him for an armoured car heist; the only problem is that The Ravens have since joined forces with The Spiders and Goose isn't about to forgive and forget...

Written, edited, directed by and starring Van Bebber, who also provides the film's stunts and make-up effects, Deadbeat at Dawn is a marvel of independent movie-making, one that belies its meagre budget by successfully pulling off several gruelling and very bloody set-pieces and quite a few dangerous looking action scenes, with the final 10 minutes or so going all out to shock with its brutal violence and a gruelling sense of nihilism. Where many an 80s horror/action flick ladled on the cheeze, Van Bebber goes for the full-on, gritty exploitation vibe and for the most part he succeeds, his film feeling suitably grubby and depressing throughout with vivid coloured lighting and retro kaleidoscopic scene transitions really adding to that authentic grind-house feel.

While some of the acting is admittedly a bit wobbly (the guy who plays Goose's father wins my award for funniest performance of the film) and the fight scenes aren't always totally convincing, it's easy to forgive these shortcomings when considering the almost negligible budget and Van Bebber's relative inexperience behind the camera (he was only twenty four at the time of the film's release); what he has managed to do for minimal money is most impressive indeed and his enthusiasm for the project shines through on every grimy, filth-ridden frame, especially those where he is putting his life on the line for his art.

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