Fly Away Home (1996) 1080p YIFY Movie

Fly Away Home (1996) 1080p

Fly Away Home is a movie starring Jeff Daniels, Anna Paquin, and Dana Delany. A father and daughter decide to attempt to lead a flock of orphaned Canada Geese south by air.

IMDB: 6.81 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 107
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Fly Away Home (1996) 1080p

Amy is only 13 years old when her mother is killed in an auto wreck in New Zealand. She goes to Canada to live with her father, an eccentric inventor whom she barely knows. Amy is miserable in her new life...that is until she discovers a nest of goose eggs that were abandoned when developers began tearing up a local forest. The eggs hatch and Amy becomes "Mama Goose". The young birds must fly south for the winter, but who will lead them there? With a pair of ultralight airplanes, Amy, her dad and their friends must find a way to do it.

The Director and Players for Fly Away Home (1996) 1080p

[Director]Carroll Ballard
[Role:]Terry Kinney
[Role:]Anna Paquin
[Role:]Dana Delany
[Role:]Jeff Daniels

The Reviews for Fly Away Home (1996) 1080p

Believe the praise you see for this movie, it is one for the ages, and a truly extraordinary filmReviewed byTheLittleSongbirdVote: 10/10

I never expected Fly Away Home to be so good, it is a truly extraordinary, poignant and completely lovable family film. Who cares if it starts off slowly? There is so much to redeem this movie, that the pros completely outweigh the minor con.

Fly Away is exquisitely filmed, with breathtaking settings and stunning cinematography. I do think the the film's overall look is its main merit, as well as the truly lovely music score. The script is beautiful, more poignant above all else. And I almost forgot to mention the heartwarming story.

I thought also the performances were outstanding. Jeff Daniels is a revelation as the father, in one of his best performances, and Anna Paquin is just superb in the title role. Of course the scene stealers are the adorable baby geese, but Paquin's chemistry with them, so motherly she was, reduced me to tears on several occasions.

This movie shouldn't be dismissed as an overly sentimental, bittersweet bit of eye candy. It is to me and my entire family, a truly beautiful, well meaning and poignant film for the entire family to treasure for a very long time. I am 17, and I really can't think of anything else to add other than a 10/10. (one of the easiest perfect scores I have given recently) Bethany Cox

Easygoing in a good way...Reviewed bydrsnapVote: 7/10

This movie has something thats missing in a lot of other movies. It has a soul, and a belief in good.

Its believable, beautiful and smooth. Its cast shows that they′re as good as any renowned "great" actor of the day, and the story is quite light...yet its something strangely moving about it.

A daughter that looses her mother, which leads her to take care of doomed geese. And even though the cute-scale is quite high, the movie still holds you cause of its fine acting and soulful goodness.

This is a great movie for all ages. Its nice shooted, really nice telled, and good acted.

Its a given choice for the whole family. 9/10!

Ps. The soundtrack is also very nice. Suttle, clean and memorable.

outstandingReviewed bymattkratzVote: 9/10

This was a great movie about courage, overcoming tragedy, and leadership. After her mother is killed in a car accident, Anna Paquin moves to Canada with her father (Jeff Daniels) after he comes to pick her up. They discover a nestful of baby geese (newly hatched!) whose mother has just died too, and they have to learn how to fly. Unfortunately, they can't learn without example, and she has to be that example. She does so by building model airplanes which she flies. She makes news by showing them the way south.

I loved the aerial scenes (which were beautifully shot) and the scene where the daughter was horrified when the guy wanted to clip the chicks' wings. Everybody matures and serves as "parent figures" in the process. This was a throughly enjoyable movie and great "family fare." You will love it-guaranteed.

*** out of ****

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