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Mark of the Devil (1970) 1080p

Hexen bis aufs Blut gequ?lt is a movie starring Herbert Lom, Udo Kier, and Olivera Katarina. In 1700s Austria, a witch-hunter's apprentice has doubts about the righteousness of witch-hunting when he witnesses the brutality, the...

IMDB: 6.24 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | History
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.86G
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  • Language: German
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for Mark of the Devil (1970) 1080p

Udo Kier is a witch hunter apprentice to Herbert Lom. He believes strongly in his mentor and the ways of the church but loses faith when he catches Lom committing a crime. Kier slowly begins to see for himself that the witch trials are nothing but a scam of the church to rob people of their land, money, and other personal belongings of value and seduce beautiful women.

The Director and Players for Mark of the Devil (1970) 1080p

[Role:]Reggie Nalder
[Role:]Olivera Katarina
[Role:Director]Michael Armstrong
[Role:]Herbert Lom
[Role:]Udo Kier

The Reviews for Mark of the Devil (1970) 1080p

Reviewed byManna-2 ([email protected])Vote: 9/10/10

After such a plethera of fine independent films, we returned to a classic.Anchor Bay reissued Mark of the Devil (1970) aka Hexen bus aufs Blutgeqialt, in all its splendid, uncut glory. And Widescreen to boot! The 90minute film is basically a German docu-drama, depicting the stories ofthree people who are falsely accused of Witchcraft during the Inquisitonera. Hold onto your tongues, this film has some of the most gruesometorturescenes ever! The location of the film is breathtaking as is its leadcharacter Vanessa. The movie combines tragedy with an ethereal 70's-typesoundtrack, that really makes your buzz sink in. Leave it to the Europeansto pull off another terrifying classic.The remastering job is excellent onthe Anchor Bay copy and we suggest you add it to your collection as soon aspossible!

dull, nasty, and pointlessReviewed byAndy SandfossVote: 2/10

I saw this way back in my high school days at a drive-in on a triple bill with "Last House on the Left" and "The Possession of Joel Delaney" (it was definitely the weak feature on that bill). Frankly, all of us watching at the time found it nasty and laughable. Recently I have been able of course to obtain it on DVD. I did so more for nostalgic reasons more than anything else. Bur I watched it thinking maybe it needs an adult appreciation. Time has not been kind to "Mark of the Devil"; whereas in the past I would have been disturbed by its pointless repetitive violence, now I must point out just how really DULL this film is. When people weren't being torn apart and burned, what little action there was played out at a snail's pace, and did little that was creative or even mildly interesting. So, aside from the graphic, ill-conceived torture scenes, the film offers little. This territory was covered much more productively in "Witchfinder General", aka "Conquerer Worm". That film had a definite point to make about the futility of violence that utterly escapes the exploitationist creators of "Mark". Besides, no movie that offers its viewers "stomach distress bags" can be taken seriously. It would have been better if they had offered: a; No-Doz tablets, b; profound apologies, and c; a refund.

Reviewed byTonyDoodVote: /10

There's no point trying to understand the draw of a film that rollsaround in the mud of the darker aspects of human nature withoutshame--torture, mutilation, misogyny, injustice and despair as thematiccontent--there's nothing new or even so unusual about being attractedto these things, and no need for apology. If there's a market forsomething someone will try to fill the niche.

"Mark Of The Devil" belongs in a category of exploitation film that ishard to define. It's not "scary." It inspires dread, but hardly "fear."It's not the goriest film ever made--it may have been at the time butis fairly tame today. It's not the sickest by far--Asian pseudo-snufffilms and the "Faces Of Death" series raised the bar to its highestlevel of taboo-shattering. It IS exploitation, of course--whoever seesit is unlikely to be looking for an education on how witch hunts wereonce carried out. No--I put "Mark Of The Devil" in the same category as"Cannibal Holocaust," "Last House On The Left," "Salo," and a greasy,dripping handful of other films that are not far from the exploitationgenre of "Sickies." These are movies that dare to point out, if theywork for you, that is (there's always someone eager to point out how"boring" these movies are, of course) how truly nasty and relentlesslyunpleasant life can be. Their message is, simply: "As bad as youthought things were, they're far worse." Again, discussing the appealof that message belongs in another review, I'm content knowing itexists, and that's why movies like "Mark Of The Devil" were created.

For my money, this old, old film delivers a wallop like no other. It'scampy, trashy, ugly, and beautiful all at once. It's stupid, perverse,poorly executed and mean in an almost magic way. Like "CannibalHolocaust," it opens with a lovely, lyrical theme song that, in 90% ofviewers at least, would normally inspire memories of sentiment, love,emotions of serenity and beauty. You are coaxed further along into thisstate by the lushly photographed panorama shots of a German countrysidein full bloom, and the quaint and fascinating sight of horse-drawncarriages. Then, before you know it, you're pulled out of this reverieby being forced to witness a non-graphic but genuinely obscenedepiction of the raping of a caravan of nuns. It's a nasty, ugly bit ofbusiness, and a cruel juxtaposition (not unlike similar, but somehowless revolting, moments in "A Clockwork Orange" which would come a fewyears later), all the moreso for the misleading score, which carries onas if the molestation of nuns is just more flora and fauna. Thedirector knows it isn't--it's as if he's laughing sadistically at hisaudience perhaps--at the very least, he knew what he was doing, from apsychological stand point. This, and other similar moments in thisfilm, are not accidental.

And therein lies the genius behind these "Sickies," above and beyondthe standard, forgettable exploitation fare, no matter how realisticthe gore or plentiful the nudity and foul language. Exploitation filmslike "Mark Of The Devil" were carefully designed to make you feelsomething you didn't expect to feel, something beyond fear ornausea...they get under your skin and work on your psychology. By thetime the final victims are dispensed with in this type of film, theaverage viewer has been sated (or, most likely, overdosed) with theconcept of Life As Garbage, and is invited to now return to whateverreal life she/he exists in and compare. The "missing ending" to "MarkOf The Devil" notwithstanding, it is near impossible not to come awayfrom the commonly seen end of this film without feeling depressed,angry, frustrated, exhausted and unclean. And, considering the focus ofthe movie is atrocity committed by man against his brothers andsisters...that reaction is certainly appropriate.

Is this type of film necessary, or even entertainment? Obviously it is,or these films wouldn't have had the shelf life they've had.Exploitation movies come and go, but some of these films rise to thetop of the swill. "Mark Of The Devil" has earned its blood-stained spoton the shelf of movies that go one step (or perhaps a few more) beyondwhere most viewers are comfortable or even interested in going, andover thirty years later this movie still has the power to offend,disgust, provoke and amaze. Considering the variety of exploitationmaterial available today, that's quite an accomplishment, if you thinkabout it.

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