My Lucky Stars (1985) 1080p YIFY Movie

My Lucky Stars (1985) 1080p

Fuk sing go jiu is a movie starring Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Charlie Chin, and Stanley Sui-Fan Fung. Muscles, cop from Hong Kong, is in Japan chasing a bad HK cop. His cop partner gets taken by the ninja gang. Muscles gets his 5 old...

IMDB: 6.61 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 9 / 53

The Synopsis for My Lucky Stars (1985) 1080p

Two Hong-Kong cops are sent to Tokyo to catch an ex-cop who stole a large amount of money in diamonds. After one is captured by the Ninja-gang protecting the rogue cop, the other one gets his old Orphanage gang, dubbed the "Five Lucky Stars," to help him. They don't like this much, but they do it.

The Director and Players for My Lucky Stars (1985) 1080p

[Role:]Stanley Sui-Fan Fung
[Role:]Charlie Chin
[Role:]Richard Ng
[Role:Director]Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
[Role:]Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

The Reviews for My Lucky Stars (1985) 1080p

Never less than entertaining...Reviewed bysackleywhistleVote: 7/10

For fans of Jackie Chan's and Sammo Hung's other work together (Project A, Mr Nice Guy etc.) this is a step down in terms of sheer martial artistry. Aside from a good opening sequence in a fairground and the last twenty or so minutes, the rest of the film is Chan-less and situation-based comedy springing from the main band of failed crooks. Sammo is the leader of a ragtag bunch heading to Japan for reasons that really only become clear towards the end.

Along the way though, there is some rich comedy mined from both the collection of characters (including a womaniser, a wannabe telekesisist - is this a word? - and a chubby dimwit whose loyalty literally knows no bounds.) A couple of the routines are a bit trying - a scene with a female assistant investigator and a faked robbery is too long and obvious - but generally it is quite charming and sweet. One routine in a Japanese restaurant is priceless, the gag built up well between the different characters and paying off beautifully.

All in all, it moves along at a fair pace and is so gently and confidently performed that it's an enjoyable way to spend ninety minutes. A bit more Chan, a bit more action and a tighter story would have made it more memorable, but if you like the genre, this is better than a lot of the similar films. And, perhaps because of when it was made and presumably to boost Hung's profile, JC plays the same character as in the Police Story films. (Just a tidbit for the hardcore geeks out there...) Worth a rent if not a purchase.

Brilliant filmReviewed bytriplexchiuVote: 10/10

Very funny and entertaining as this would be 1 of the breakthrough films in Jackie's, Sammo, Yuen Biao's career.

This is a film about 2 cops (Jakcie & Yuen Biao) who are out to catch a some crooks in Japan and because of some difficulties along the way Sammo, and the rest of the gang are contacted to assist.

Very amusing, nice actresses played by Sibelle Hu (who's retired now), Michiko Nishiwaki.

Check out the awesome pranks they play on Sibelle, get the digitally remastered version with interviews with Michiko Nishiwaki, still looks stunning after all these years.

First sequel to "Winner and Sinners" is not a winner, but still mildly entertaining.Reviewed byOllieSuave-007Vote: 6/10

This is the first sequel to "Winners and Sinners" and returns to the screen Sammo Hung, Richard Ng, Stanley Fung and Charlie Chin. Eric Tsang joins the cast and replaces John Sham. Although a majority of the original actors from the first movie returns, they all play different characters than the previous film (but are still dubbed "The Five Lucky Stars"). They portray friends from an old orphanage and team up to help Hong Kong cop Muscles (Jackie Chan) rescue his partner (Yuen Biao) from a ninja gang and recover their stolen loot of diamonds in Tokyo.

Like the first film, the main plot is loosely tied together and is not very solid. What you get throughout the movie in addition to the main ninja gang/diamond plot is a few subplots, which, however, were averagely entertaining at best. While the intro scenes for each of the "Five Lucky Star" character were amusing, especially the hilarious scene involving Rawhide (Stanley Fung) tackling with an adulteress' husband (Bolo Yeung), the scenes involving the "Five Lucky Stars" trying to woo Chief Insp. Barbara Wu (Sibelle Hu) by playing tricks on her was drawn-out, goofy and a little boring. This, and the awkward chemistry between Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and Sibelle Hu, were a distraction from the main point of the story.

The film gains traction again towards the latter half, where we get a good helping of martial arts action and some good suspense. The stunts were well choreographed and the scenes in Tokyo were a welcome departure from the usual Hong Kong streets.

While a lot more goofy and slower-paced than the previous film, it was still a treat to see the all-star cast in action and experience some of their classic Hong Kong-style humor and comedy. And, of course, the action scenes were probably the highlight of the film.

Grade C+

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