Night of the Lepus (1972) 1080p YIFY Movie

Night of the Lepus (1972) 1080p

Night of the Lepus is a movie starring Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh, and Rory Calhoun. Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the south-west.

IMDB: 4.01 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 4.0/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 11 / 11

The Synopsis for Night of the Lepus (1972) 1080p

Cole Hillman's Arizona ranch is plagued with 'mongrel' rabbits, and he wants to employ an ecologically sound control method. As a favor to college benefactor Hillman, college president Elgin Clark calls in zoologist Roy Bennett to help. Bennett immediately begins injecting rabbits with hormones and genetically mutated blood in an effort to develop a method of disrupting rabbit reproduction. One of the test subjects escapes, resulting in a race of bloodthirsty, wolf-sized, man-, horse-, and cow-eating bunnies. Eventually the National Guard is called in for a final showdown with the terrorizing rabbits.

The Director and Players for Night of the Lepus (1972) 1080p

[Director]William F. Claxton
[Role:]Rory Calhoun
[Role:]Stuart Whitman
[Role:]DeForest Kelley
[Role:]Janet Leigh

The Reviews for Night of the Lepus (1972) 1080p

The glory of B-movies, where else would you see this!Reviewed byNightman85Vote: 6/10

Campy, hokey, and oh so hilarious B movie is an unforgettable tale of nature on the rampage.

In rural New Mexico folks trying to eliminate the rabbit population create a race of huge, killer rabbits that terrorize mankind!

Night of the Lepus is one of those golden B flicks that must be seen to be believe. It's wonderfully tongue-in-cheek in its premise, and builds up some good moments of spookiness despite of its silliness. For a film of its budget, this movie manages to have some pretty decent special FX, it certainly beats the likes of Food of the Gods (1976) or Empire of the Ants (1977).

The veteran cast is OK in their performances. The late-great Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, and Stuard Whitman are the best of the cast. The music score is bland, but in a nicely moody way.

Night of the Lepus is a classic film not to be missed by fans of the B horror genre.

** 1/2 out of ****

Night of the Ludicrous!Reviewed byphilipadams_Vote: 10/10

This film is classic! A group of local farmers have a showdown with a group of mutated giant bunny rabbits! Dear God! Yes the plot is ridiculous and yes the film itself is just as crazy. Though I was presently surprised when I saw it because it actually looks quite realistic compared to what I thought it would look like. I'd say they used the old blue screen technique and it comes out looking very good! It is still hilarious though after they do some damage and they have blood splattered on their cute little noses.

All in all, if you have the means to watch this film (I saw it on Turner Classic Movies), then by all means, get it! And enjoy it!

Just when you thought it was safe to back into the carrot patch!Reviewed byBruce_CookVote: 7/10

For all those film critics who claim that Hollywood is scared to try new ideas, here's proof that Hollywood will try anything. After making monster movies which feature every imaginable kind of vermon and pest, Hollywood got desperate and made one about monster rabbits.

(Monster RABBITS?)

That's right, the word "lepus" means rabbit. The story concerns a group of scientist who try to solve a rabbit over-population problem in the Midwest by injecting the bunnies with a hormone intended to decrease their breeding abilities. Instead, the hormone increases the rabbits' growth rate until they weight 150 pounds, stand four feet tall, and roar.

(ROARING rabbits?)

Right! That's part of what makes them MONSTER rabbits. The special effects involve a combination of real rabbits on miniature sets and actors in monster rabbit suits.

(Monster rabbit SUITS!?)

The National Guard is called in to battle this menace to mankind.

(The National Guard battles BIG BUNNIES!!?)

Yes, indeed. Producer A. C. Lyles and director William F. Claxton knew full-well that a distinguished cast was needed to lend credibility to this bold and risky venture, so they hired Stuart Whitman ("City Beneath the Sea"), Janet Leigh ("Psycho"), Deforest Kelly ("Star Trek"), Rory Calhoun ("The Texan"), and Paul Fix (numerous westerns).

These fine stars did their best, but alas it wasn't enough, and "Night of the Lepus" is considered a failed experiment. What the film needed was Morris Ankrum as an army general who uttered lines such as,

"Good Lord, if we don't stop these monsters, there won't be a single carrot left on the planet!"

Now that I would love to see.

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