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Sex Ed (2014)

Sex Ed is a movie starring Haley Joel Osment, Lorenza Izzo, and Kevin Balmore. Eddie lands his first teaching gig at an inner city middle school and finds his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education. Eddie...

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The Synopsis for Sex Ed (2014) 720p

When Eddie lands his first teaching gig at an inner city middle school, he quickly finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education. Eddie isn't exactly equipped to teach them - he's not exactly experienced romantically. And he's falling in love with the older sister of one of his students. But Eddie goes off lesson plan anyway, delving into the world of menstrual cycles and sexually transmitted infections, and in doing so, incurs the wrath of the local reverend.

The Director and Players for Sex Ed (2014) 720p

[Director]Isaac Feder
[Role:]Lorenza Izzo
[Role:]Haley Joel Osment
[Role:]Kevin Hernandez

The Reviews for Sex Ed (2014) 720p

Reviewed byKineticSeoulVote: 6/10/10

This was a really awkward movie, but I liked it. I guess it's becauseit's a secular movie that strives away from the secular mentality. Ifthat makes any sense. Sure some viewers might bash the heck out ofthis, pointing their fingers at how much of a loser the protagonist whois a sex ed teacher played by Haley Joel Osment is. But I waspersonally rooting for the underdog, because he is the few that hadthat sense of moral code that is actually quite rare now a days. We nowlive in a time where if you are a virgin you are labeled as a loser.But this movie tries to show that it's okay to wait for the rightperson. Even if it's done in a very awkward fashion. I am sure theviewers that were once a very very nice guy that wasn't getting any canrelate to this movie to a degree (which is quite a lot). If that isyour choice that is your choice. This movie didn't seem to have a clearcut message, but that was one of the points it was trying to make and Ikinda respect that. Now I personally like Haley Joel Osment as anactor, he isn't the cute kid he was in his younger years but he knowshow to utilize what he has now and I respect that as well. I personallywatched this movie because of Haley Joel Osment and actually enjoyedit. It's not a hilarious in your face comedy but it was kind ofendearing. Looking at the title and it being labeled as a comedy Ithought it would be super crude it's actually not so much. And I likedhow it didn't rely on a ton of crude stuff to get some laughs out ofthe audiences.


Reviewed byjimbo-53-186511Vote: 3/10/10

Ed Cole (Haley Joel Osmont) is a former student teacher who falls onhard times and finds himself working at a bagel shop. He decides it'stime to kick start his career and get back into teaching. However, Edis unable to find a position teaching in his specialist subjects andreluctantly takes on the role of taking an after school class ofdetention kids. Ed quickly learns that the kids aren't currentlylearning Sex Ed and takes it upon himself to start teaching a course onSex Ed much to the dismay of Reverend Marcus Hamilton (Chris Williams)who happens to be the strict father of one of the children in Ed'sclass.

My first thoughts when watching this film is that it kind of remindedme of Dangerous Minds (albeit a watered down and much less grittyversion of the same film). I haven't seen Dangerous Minds for quitesome time, but I don't recall feeling that it wasn't gearing itself tothe wrong audience and ultimately that is what the biggest problem iswith Sex Ed.

For a start it makes teaching kids lessons in Sex Ed the focus of mostof its plot; explaining to kids what all the various body parts are,how to put condoms on, what all the 'scientific' words are called etc -this is all fine and I can see that to older children or youngteenagers that this may be of interest and educational. The problem isthat the filmmakers then slap a 15 certificate on it and with theexception of the classroom scenes the film is then filled with bawdysexual scenes, violence, picking up prostitutes. Whilst I have nothingagainst these things in a mainstream film it did seem strange to givethe majority of the film a sordid feel to it when it quite clearly hasa rather wholesome message at heart. I'm really not sure why thefilmmakers chose this approach when it probably would have been funnierif it would have been a clean comedy focusing on a sexuallyinexperienced teacher struggling to teach children about Sex Ed (atleast that way it might have been a film that a family could perhapssit down and watch together and would have at least appealed more toits intended target audience). The problem is that it doesn't play outlike this and to be honest I thought that Ed got the kids onside alittle too easily - I felt there were way more opportunities availableto make the classrooms scenes funnier.

Another problem for me is that even when I looked beyond the fact thatas a man in my 30's I clearly wasn't the target audience the film justisn't that funny and just seemed full of clichés. Haley Joel Osmont'scharacter is a pathetic guy, but he's like this all the way through thefilm and to be honest it's mildly depressing.

In all honesty, Sex Ed's confusing tone is its biggest enemy; it'scentral story is about Sex Ed and the film does a reasonable job ofraising awareness of the importance of using condoms and inhighlighting the possible consequences of not taking precautions whilsthaving sex (which is great). It's too bad that this message seems to beovershadowed by clichéd sub plots, pointless violence, bawdiness, and adistinct lack of humour. I can see what was trying to be achieved here,but it's been handled really badly here.

Reviewed byTheDemkoVote: 4/10/10

I started out, thoroughly enjoying this movie. Admittedly, I was a bitbowled over by the movie being made in my hometown, and the novelty ofnot only recognizing all of the locations they filmed, but thenactually seeing those locations get their time to shine as part of theplot (especially The Hub, which is one of the coolest dive-bars in town- not remotely as 'bright' as the film portrayed it, but still fun,nonetheless). So the movie started out great for me. I was amused bythings like 'cock bagel' and basically everything involving Matt Walsh.

But then, everything just kinda fell flat, and it seemed like no onewas paying any attention to details. Hector was a very one- dimensionalantagonist, and while I now love, and want to see more of, LorenzaIzzo, her character was one of the worst developed in the film. Thescene where Eddie goes to have dinner with Tito and his family, and hismother has Eddie rub spices into the pork, only to show, one scenelater, that they're having fish? Was no one bothering to keep any sortof continuity in this film?

Overall, great acting in a bad story, but with a good underlyingmessage. Poor direction, stilted dialogue, and amateur camera workmakes this feel very much like a college film you make before you gooff to Hollywood.

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