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Stoned (2005)

Stoned is a movie starring Leo Gregory, Paddy Considine, and David Morrissey. A chronicle of the sordid life and suspicious death of Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones, who was found in the bottom of his swimming pool weeks after...

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The Synopsis for Stoned (2005) 720p

Fact-based story about the drug-addled and sordid life of The Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. Unfortunately the story moves so quickly into the sensationalized decadence and drug-induced state of Jones, that the unknowing viewer has to wonder why anyone would care. There are only a few framing sequences with members of The Stones, particularly Keith Richards, that show they had a great respect for him and tried to bring him back into the band as he drifted away. Mixed into the destruction of Jones is a common builder, Frank Thorogood, who is given the unenviable task of trying to please Jones by rebuilding his estate and to watch him per Jones' manager's instructions. Thorogood's life is so far removed from all of the sex and drugs that he sees, that he envies and desires the tawdry life as well, but never quite fits in. Unfortunately, at least according to this film and according to a supposed death bed confessional of Thorogood in 1993, it led to Thorogood's murder of Jones in a...

The Director and Players for Stoned (2005) 720p

[Director]Stephen Woolley
[Role:]Leo Gregory
[Role:]Ben Whishaw
[Role:]Paddy Considine
[Role:]David Morrissey

The Reviews for Stoned (2005) 720p

Good times, bad times and very, very sexy! Oh, behave.Reviewed byhalwillVote: 9/10

Originally posted as a rebuttal to Peter Travers review in Rolling Stone magazine: Good times, bad times and very, very sexy! Oh, behave. Stoned is not an action film, nor is it dull, as Mr. Travers would suggest. It's also not a movie about the band, although they are an important part of the story. Woolley shows us the moments in Brian Jones' life that lead to his early death with beautiful, if sometimes awkward pace, great music, and quite a bit of good nookie and acid. Monet Mazur is breathtaking, Leo Gregory poses handsomely as Jones, and David Morrisey and Paddy Considine are worthy of more than just a mention. Yes, some early Stones tunes would have been a plus, but the White Stripes, The Counterfeit Stones and a hand full of others pull off a nice mix of devilish blues. After all, that's what Jones was into. The Rolling Stones did their best work immediately after his death, I'd love to see a movie that chronicles that period, as would Mr. Travers it seems. After several viewings, I'm as intrigued as ever about Brian Jones life and death. Go to your local video store and get Stoned. (Did anyone else not take into account the movie's title when preparing to watch it?)

Reviewed bywadechurtonVote: 3/10/10

No, one should not expect a fictionalization of the Stones' story, butone does expect a reasonable attempt at a depiction of Brian Jones'time with them. As it is, the Stones are peripheral characters in thescreenplay. Apart from a few bluesy jams, their own music is absententirely. The story focuses on the relationships between Jones and hisforeman/com-padre Frank Thorogood, out at the rock star's countryestate. The large house is conspicuously the movie's prime set. Fine,'Stoned' had a low budget. Then again, it's from a real-life storywhich was basically made up of people talking, fighting and fallingover. Not so fine is that 'Stoned' had to be so bad. One of the hardestthings to swallow about 'Stoned' was the casting of Leo Gregory asJones. He does little characterization beyond a 'fatalistic' smile, andalthough 27 years old himself (Jones' age at the time of his death), onscreen he looks ten years older and wears a risible array of mail-orderhairpieces to represent the varying Jones eras. At times he looks likea young Jon Pertwee in a fright wig. The direction by Stephen Wooley iswildly erratic and at times laughable. Jefferson Airplane's 'WhiteRabbit' underscoring an acid trip scene is the hack cinematicequivalent of the 'city/pretty' hack songwriting rhyme. It took Wooleyten years to put this botch-up together? Looks more like it wasdesperately cobbled together late Sunday night and breathlessly handedin by the Monday 9AM deadline. Another Bad Movie Night contender.

Reviewed bycome2whereimfromVote: 7/10/10

The opening shots of the film shows an early stones line up under theleadership of Brian Jones getting their first gig. It is stylishly shotin black and white and as they roll through little red rooster a cameratakes stills of the action. Then from the slow blues rift you aresuddenly thrust to the frantic end as Brian is found dead in the pool.It is the stark contrast that works well and shocks the viewer into theheart of scene. Then the incredibly tragic and eccentric life of BrianJones is told in a heady mix of flashback drug trips and sly nods to'performance'. Leo Gregory stumbles through the film as Brian much likeMichael Pitt did as Kurt Cobain in Van Sant's 'last days', you alreadyknow the outcome but it's the road on which you get there that formsthe backbone of the plot. As Jones becomes more estranged, paranoid,wildly extravagant and more drug fuelled it begins to rub off on frankthe builder who is doing work on Brian's house. Brian being bored andin need of not only a nanny but a drinking partner takes frank underhis wing to a certain extent. But Jones being the flamboyant pop stardoesn't see frank as anything more than a builder and taunts him untilits too late. Frank see Jones' world of excess and wants in, althoughwhen he finds it out of reach that want turns to anger and jealousy. Ifyou approach this film looking for a story of the stones you wont findit, this film like last days is a film that shows one mans downfall andthe lives of those around him who should have helped. Jones portrayedas never happier than when making music is rock and roll mythpersonified. Without the tragic end to his life, the question is posed,would anyone still remember the tortured genius behind the stones earlyformation? There is obviously a love for the era and Jones fromdirector Woolley, who not afraid to show Jones' vulnerable side alsotries to show the man behind the myth. Whether a fan of the band or notthis is an interesting film full of directing techniques and skillfulediting that blend into a heady mix of rock and roll excess which takesthe viewer to the sixties and back through one of the most interestingstories of the time.

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