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Strait-Jacket (1964)

Strait-Jacket is a movie starring Joan Crawford, Diane Baker, and Leif Erickson. After a twenty-year stay at an asylum for a double murder, a mother returns to her estranged daughter where suspicions arise about her behavior.

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  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Strait-Jacket (1964) 720p

Lucy Harbin has been in an asylum for twenty years after axing her husband and his mistress during a crime of passion, witnessed by her young daughter, Carol. While trying to renew ties with Carol, who is now a young woman about to be married, heads begin to roll again. Is Lucy repeating her past?

The Director and Players for Strait-Jacket (1964) 720p

[Director]William Castle
[Role:]Howard St. John
[Role:]Joan Crawford
[Role:]Leif Erickson
[Role:]Diane Baker

The Reviews for Strait-Jacket (1964) 720p

I think I'm going out of my head...over Joan CrawfordReviewed byLCShackleyVote: 5/10

Joan Crawford had quite a career, starting as a stunning siren in the silents. By the 1960s, she was reduced to playing caricatures of herself, or ghouls, as in this William Castle thriller.

Robert "Psycho" Bloch penned this slasher film, about a jealous woman who spends 20 years in an asylum after she "took an axe and gave her husband 40 whacks...and gave his girlfriend 41." She's finally released to the custody of her brother and his wife, and her long-lost daughter (who witnessed the murders as a child).

It's not hard to guess how it's going to end, but it's kind of fun watching it all spin out, with a few beheadings along the way to keep one's interest. The early scenes where the daughter shows Joan around the farm are priceless (as she keeps tripping up when talking about slaughtering animals), as are the various foreshadowing scenes involving knives. George Kennedy plays a gruff and creepy farm hand, beheading a chicken. Keep your eyes open for Lee Majors in his first screen role (as the #1 axe victim). And watch for the Pepsi product placement, thanks to Joan's contract (she was on the Pepsi board).

Joan gets to run the gamut here, from mad slasher to timid wallflower to over-the-top vamp. It's all hokey and hackneyed, but enjoyable for fans of Joan Crawford or William Castle.

She Was All Woman...And Knew ItReviewed byevanston_dadVote: 7/10

And so with those words begins this wacked out slasher film/murder mystery that shows Joan Crawford lopping off the heads of her husband and his girlfriend while they lie in post-coital repose -- and that's before the opening credits have even started!

"Strait-Jacket" has the look and feel of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" and all of those other exploitative films from the 1960s that put once-great declining actresses in campy schlock and let audiences howl at them. But somehow, this movie doesn't feel exploitative. If Joan Crawford had delivered a bad performance, it would have. But she tackles the role with such seriousness and commitment that she single-handedly ends up selling the film to you, and making you genuinely care about her character and what happens to her. Joan Crawford may have been hell to live and work with in her personal life, but it takes an actress with a unique skill to make a film like this not only competent, but almost fascinating.

As for the movie itself, it's laughably predictable. I called the "surprise" ending about fifteen minutes into the film, and then talked myself out of it because I thought it would be too obvious. Well, I should have stuck to my guns, but it didn't much matter -- by the end I was no longer watching the film for the ending -- I was watching it for Joan, which is the only reason (albeit a damn good one) for watching this film at all.

Grade: B

Better than mostReviewed byfuzzy_pattersVote: 7/10

I was expecting this to be another cheesy Castle flick. It would be entertaining but nothing memorable. However, this film was much better than the rest of Castle's films. The direction of the ax sequences was superb. You are constantly expecting the ax to drop, but it just never does. You can definitely see the influence that this film as had on horror films from Halloween to date.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not also mention that having Crawford and Baker in the cast made it a much better acted film than most of Castle's as well. Crawford's ability to move from mood to mood with her character was mind boggling. It was almost like she was playing three or four different characters in the same film. Baker was beautiful and played really well off of Crawford. For a horror film, this was actually a very good movie.

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