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The House That Jack Built (2018)

The House That Jack Built is a movie starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, and Uma Thurman. The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his...

IMDB: 7.35 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 153
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
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The Synopsis for The House That Jack Built (2018) 720p

USA in the 1970s. We follow the highly intelligent Jack over a span of 12 years and are introduced to the murders that define Jack's development as a serial killer. We experience the story from Jack's point of view, while he postulates each murder is an artwork in itself. As the inevitable police intervention is drawing nearer, he is taking greater and greater risks in his attempt to create the ultimate artwork. Along the way we experience Jack's descriptions of his personal condition, problems and thoughts through a recurring conversation with the unknown Verge - a grotesque mixture of sophistry mixed with an almost childlike self-pity and psychopathic explanations. The House That Jack Built is a dark and sinister story, yet presented through a philosophical and occasional humorous tale.

The Director and Players for The House That Jack Built (2018) 720p

[Director]Lars von Trier
[Role:]Uma Thurman
[Role:]Siobhan Fallon Hogan
[Role:]Bruno Ganz
[Role:]Matt Dillon

The Reviews for The House That Jack Built (2018) 720p

No more LarsReviewed byagexienVote: 1/10

It's so boring that I could hardly watch it on 4x speed. I used to be a huge fan of von Trier until his fall into disgrace with Antichrist. This is the fourth movie since then and it is the worst. The previous three, at least, have some redeeming qualities, and, despite being trash in essence, they are more or less engaging. But this piece of art reminded me of the work of film student with zero talent but with enormous ego. All these philosophical bla-bla-bla's with no relevance to anyone make this even more unbearable. I think that this is the lowest of von Trier, and I doubt I'm going to watch anything he will ever come up with in the future. He used to shock in a good way, but this is a big long and boring nothing.

Do people actually enjoy this type of illogical, gory and meaningless stuff?Reviewed byEvaJK94Vote: 2/10

To be fair this type of movies in not my style and it's the first Lars von Trier movie I've seen but I consider myself openminded and always watch different stuff. Positives: There's some good humor and some funny moments at times. Matt Dillon is excellent as a serial killer.

Now let's talk about the real negatives.

  • Constant shaking camera made me dizzy.
  • Lack of a decent storytelling and character background. Who is Jack? Why is he like that? What triggered his first killing? I'm sure he met annoying people before. Where does he live and where does he kill? Why is there no one close around him noticing his behavior? Writting a story about a serial killer (which is already such a cliche) with no real background or other people perspectives and showing only the killings and nothing else. Anyone could do that I consider that easy, sloppy writting.
  • No logic in the story. No victim ever reacts at any way even though they could. They are portrayed ridiculously stupid and easy to kill. His murders are so sloppy and blatant that the fact that no one ever suspects anything or he never get's into trouble is beyond furstrating. I can see that he is the one narrating the story so he could be narrating what he wants but I don't think that's what the writter intended.
  • No meaning at the end which is borderline laughable. It's like the director tried to give such a deep meaning to all this that no one could see it. Seriously the endind was quite ridiculous and didn't make any sense.

In conclusion, you watch a movie for the art and for the entertainment. Art? Do people seriously consider this art? Provoking with pure disturbing gory stuff? Throwing in some generic philosophical speeches and metaphors that most in the end don't really make sense makes something artistic? On the other hand when it comes to entertainment I know that that's up to personal preference. To me that's not entertainment (hence the 2/10). I honestly don't get how someone wakes up and says I'm gonna make a movie like this just for the sake of provoking, pretending there is a deeper meaning when there's absolutely none just to present myself as highly artistic and groundbreaking.

Lars. Meh.Reviewed bykeithbettinelliVote: 1/10

Lars probably based Dillons character on his own experience as an artistic serial killer. The result is a failure in story telling and is a lecture as to what, Lars himself, constitutes as art. In a world of ultra violence there is really no need to turn brutal murder into a "dark" comedy and claim artistic expression by a director supposedly at the top of his game.

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