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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (2004)

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie is a movie starring Dan Green, Eric Stuart, and Amy Birnbaum. Underneath the sands of Egypt, Anubis, an ancient evil spirit, has awakened. It's up to Yugi, who defeated Anubis centuries ago, to use his skill and...

IMDB: 4.71 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Action
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 768.94M
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 31 / 154

The Synopsis for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (2004) 720p

Yugi, a smaller than average high school student, and an easy target for bullies, is given an ancient Egyptian riddle called the "Millennium Puzzle" by his grandfather, a local game shop manager. Yugi pieces the puzzle together and unexpectedly becomes the powerful "Game King." Now when Yugi gets into sticky situations, the "Game King" takes over and protects Yugi and his friends.

The Director and Players for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (2004) 720p

[Director]Hatsuki Tsuji
[Role:]Dan Green
[Role:]Gregory Abbey
[Role:]Eric Stuart
[Role:]Amy Birnbaum

The Reviews for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (2004) 720p

Hardcore fans only.Reviewed bywhoframed_seenVote: 1/10

Okay, here's the deal, if you have been a Yugioh since its very beginning and you have bee in love with all the characters and you've collected the cards and watched all the manga and 4Kids episodes at least twice, you are clearly a blindly faithful fan and you will enjoy the film. If, however, you have enough of your senses to check your watch in frustration, you'll recognize this film for the complete and utter garbage it was.

The plot is chock-full of bizarre inaccuracies (Anubis, the Egyptian God with a dog's head, comes back as a buff blonde sorcerer!) which will leave anyone confused, even those who's knowledge of Egyptian history extends as far as the "The Mummy" series.

Now, I recognize that today, 90% of kids animated movies are pretty cheesy, but almost every phrase out of these characters' mouths are ham-handed references to destiny and believing in yourself and never giving up.

And this is the worst bit: I don't hate this movie because it was based on a cartoon. I have seen the cartoons, both the original Japanese and the 4Kids versions and they weren't nearly as bad as this, hell I thought some of it was really cool. But this movie, like the 'Pokemon' movies and like the 'Mortal Kombat 'and 'Street Fighter' movies, is the extremely unfortunate result of big business trying to cash in on what is ostensibly a current fad before popularity dies. Unfortunately, like all the aforementioned franchises, in retrospect this movie will undoubtedly have done more to kill the franchise than to boost it.

I walked out, sad to say but it's trueReviewed byMisterWhiplashVote: 7/10

Suddenly this movie came back to me in a flash- of what I tried to watch of it, anyway. At the time I actually saw it in the theater (snuck in of course), hoping maybe that the film might be slightly different from the one-sided approach on the TV show that makes Pokemon look like Miyazaki. I knew that there was also a whole big trading card side to the whole shebang, but that maybe the filmmakers might forgo that for an actual story or at least one or two characters to have some sort of interest in (at least in Pokemon there was the villains out to stop Pikachu and those other kids). After about 30 minutes of the film, I started to get the same sensation I felt having seen Digimon in the theater years before- the sensation of being numbed by over-the-top, hideous displays of anime via lots and lots and lots of battles between characters that I couldn't give a hoot about. So much is invested into making the card-players with their animals fight off incredibly stylish and colorful, which here and there it was, they forgot that they're making a movie.

If it was something just short and small to show at an anime or comic-book convention, fine, but not for 90 minutes! After said 30 minutes, I did a rarity on my part which was to walk out, feeling that even though something was sort of going on with the character of Yugi- going into Egypt for some rare creature to face off or whatever- there wasn't anything really to see more of that I didn't already get bombarded with already. It's got more flashy gimmicks than a magician hopped up on 10 cups of Starbucks, but nothing really goes on that redeems all of this with content. For the fan-boys of the series or the cards or maybe for the most die-hard of (KIDS) anime shows and flicks it might be worth a look, or a glance, though its current status on the IMDb bottom 100 is not really without merit. Pretty disposable as I remember it.

This movie was awful...Reviewed bysrahortonVote: 1/10

My son and I are HUGE fans of the card game (we play tournaments together

every weekend) and the cartoon, but this movie was just awful...

First of all, this is not an introduction to how to play the game, and it's

incomprehensible if you don't already know the characters and the back story

from the cartoon. Even aside from that, the animation was worse than the

cartoon, and except for a couple of comical parts, it just turns out to be an uncomfortable 90-minute commercial (poorly done) for the card game.

I love the card game (OK, I'm totally hooked on the card game), and I enjoy

watching the cartoon with my son every Saturday morning, but the consolation

of receiving a couple of "exclusive" cards DID NOT make up for the $16 in

matinée tickets that I wasted to get them.

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